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The Buzz #30

Thirty Issues! The big 30. Writing 30 issues of this newsletter was not easy. However…

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“The Sweet Vespa”. We have been riding Vespas on Long Island for over 20 Years. From Classic to Modern Vespas, we celebrate them all. Let us show you Long Island like you have never seen it before. We are an official chapter of The Vespa Club Of America. Please Join Us & Scoot On…

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We are a Social Club as much as we are a Scooter Club. Over the years we have developed into a family of dedicated Scooterists that love to Scoot all over our beloved Long Island.


We are all about exploring. We seek new ways to find old places and old ways to find new places. You will see Long Island like you have never seen before. From one end to the other you will find us on a back road, closed road or the unknown, We scoot from Manhattan to Montauk when the fancy takes us!

The Vespa.

We love the darn things. From Modern Vespas to the Classics, we are their champions. We encourage our riders the best we can to ride the best Vespa they can and assist our members in doing so, the best we can.

From the Oldest Classics to the Most Modern Vespas…
…we love them all!

The Vespa Club of America.

We are an official Chapter of the VCOA, so please join us today!

VCOA is a 501(c) non-profit organization whose members are dedicated to riding Vespas, and is a community sharing their passion of Vespa ownership in the United States. Members share an affinity for vintage and modern Vespas. We gather to celebrate our love for Vespa with like-minded people.  We strive to portray the scooter community in a favorable light, promote education & awareness. We ride for our own benefits, but we also ride for community and comradery as well.

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