The Buzz #19

The Hornets Scooter Club Of Long Island

The Sunday Swarm was on Saturday…

It is not easy to go to Cuamsett State Park. Like most State Parks in New York, it takes a $8 Fee to Park. Many of our members have been reluctant to pay any fee for any reason, so we usually pass it by and end up at Target Rock, just up the road. However they stop charging a fee on the weekends and after 3pm after October 30th. The problem has always been that by the time November rolls around it is too cold to make the trip. Located in Lloyds Harbor, the ride up there is breathtaking. The Fall colors made it even more so. Making this trip even more unusual is that it took place on Saturday. This Sunday Swarm happened a day early because of the ever changing weather. 71 degrees and Sunny in November meant that it was time…

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