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Sunday Swarming…

As you may have noticed… IT IS COLD! I know a lot of us do the cold weather riding thing and we salute you, We as a group will not be planning much riding on Sunday going forward. That does not mean that the occasional un-planned ride may happen. We will continue to meet on Sunday anyway, BTW. Yes, we are a friends club as well as a Scooter Club and not seeing each other for an entire season is not acceptable to us. We met up this 31 degree morning and discussed plans for a Toy Run and caught up on the weeks events. Stay Tuned for more about that. As always, if a nice day is coming up feel free to post & maybe find someone to join you. We will do our best our keep you updated on whatever riding happens and we will be there on Sunday when the weather permits unless noted otherwise.

The Toy Run…

Since our inception we have participated in a Toy Run. The Who Cares Committee has run a Toy Run from the Sears Parking Lot in Hicksville to St. Christopher’s Church in Sea Cliff. More than just a Church this place is a home for very handicapped kids. This event at one time attracted over 10,000 riders. We even led this event by their request. fast forward to 2002 and the Covid Epidemic has all but killed it. Last time, we went their was only a handful of riders. Traditionally this happens on the second Sunday in December & traditionally it is our last ride of the year. Your intrepid President is working diligently to confirm the info and i will post it ASAP.

Thank you!

It has been an interesting year for all of us. Both individually and as a group, we have seen a lot of miles and a lot of smiles between us. As with any Family it is not always smiles, but we try our best to be that family. It seems that the reason we are one, is the trying. Our little cabal of Scooter riders is the sum of of its parts. As long as all those parts are working together, there is not much need for trying. Which leaves lots of room for… Scootering! Thank you everyone, Happy Thanxgiving…

Scoot On…
Angelo J. Liguori
aka Marbles Mahoney

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