Scooter Soul – The Music…

Scootering has a huge culture around that goes beyond the newest exhaust or what the latest Vespa looks like. These machines have been collecting a culture of music, fashion and attitude since they came about in the late Forties. We will go over some of things that make up our scene. One of those things, perhaps the biggest is Music. From the Mods & Rockers of the 50’s & 60’s to the Punks & Mods of the 80’s, Music has been a staple of the Scooter world. Rather than go on, We have collected a bunch of that music, for you to listen to yourself. You will listen to, The Who, British Invasion, Alternative, Blues, Soul, Motown, Ska, New Wave & much more. If you do not recognize a song or group, that is cool. It will send you on your own journey to discover new music, that may not be that new.

This is a Spotify playlist, put it on Random play for the best effect.

Enjoy & Scoot On… Marbles Mahoney

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I am an Artist, Designer, Musician, Writer, Webmaster, Hot Rodder, Scooterist, Problem Solver & more... I live on Long Island in New York with my Dog named Redrum.

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