The Buzz #24

Happy Holidays…

We had a great time at our Annual Holiday Swarm and I personally want to thank everyone that came and even those that were with us in spirit only. For us Scooter riders in the NY area, the holidays is not an easy time. The weather turns colder than we would like to go riding. We sometimes get a warm enough day, but not often. Regardless, it is a good time to spend your dollars on some online shopping! Online is the best place to get stuff for Scooter. Never mind everyone else, make sure Santa does not forget tour Scooter! A Rack, new Tires, an Oil Filter, maybe even a new exhaust. Get your maintenance items now, so you will be ready to go next Spring.

The other thing the Holidays remind us of is to keep your Scooter protected during the cold. In the Garage, on a Battery Tender is ideal, but not all of us have that option. This year I do not, so my Vespa is living outside. It is wrapped from underneath with a tarp and covered from above with a cover. Once a month, I will go out and start it up, take it around the block, in order to keep the battery charged up. This is time to enjoy friends and family, so make sure your Scooter is included!

Thank you.

As we end off our 23rd of Scootering on Long Island, thank you seems hardly enough. We have done a lot more than just created an internationally known Scooter Club, but we have created an ever evolving Family of Friends that just happen to ride Scooters. Joining our club, gives you more than the opportunity to explore LI, like never before, it also gives you the opportunity to make friends like never before. I started this club to do just that, to make new friends and to bring LI Scooter riders together. I thank you all for making these crazy dreams come true beyond my wildest dreams.

Scoot On…
Marbles Mahoney aka Angelo J. Liguori
President & Founder
The Hornets Scooter Club Of Long Island
The Long Island Vespa Club

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