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A good weatherman. You would think that checking your oil and maintaining your Scooter is the most important. It is. However knowing when you can ride is just as important. Especially during the winter months, here in the NYC/LI area. The weather report changes drastically sometimes and can mess up your plans for riding. This Sunday’s forecast started out on Monday as a warm but rainy day, now it is says its going to chilly and no rain. A lot of us take a break during these months, but we keep the Sunday Swarm for breakfast, going year round. Of course if it Snowing or really cold, we will pass until next time. Here are some resources to help you become a good Weatherman, woman, person, whatever…

The Weather Channel

News 12 Long Island


You can get Apps on the phone as well as simply using your browser to get a report. I recommend using these links a few times a week to keep track. The weather varies on our rather Long Island, so keep that in mind if your are planning a long trip pn your Scooter.

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