The Buzz #30

Thirty Issues!

The big 30. Writing 30 issues of this newsletter was not easy. However I feel it needs to be done, now more than ever. It is the middle of winter and despite the warm weather, we are not riding as much. It is my aim to remind you of the sights, the thrills and joys we find riding our trusty Scooters all around Long Island. We are all grateful to everyone that follows along and joins us for a ride or breakfast or just to say hello & Scoot On…

The Scooter Brunch…

It is that time again. Once a month we hold a Brunch! A Scooter Brunch! We invite all our members to share a meal with us in a different cool place once a month! We started this last year with our Annual Holiday Party. Last month it was IHOP! This month we are at The Main Event in Plainview at 1pm and everyone is invited. Seeing as it is the middle of February and we are not riding much, I decided to open this month’s event to everyone, not just members, so we can all get together and Brunch On…


The latest is that I need a Double Bypass. A Stent alone will not fix me up. This is serious open heart surgery. I am also a Diabetic, which complicates things. I am going to be off the road for a while and hope to be able to lead the first official ride this year on April 2nd. To keep me reminded of how delicate life is, I re-activated my “STENT” License plate. I had a Heart attack a long time ago and got the plate back in 2005. I will continue to post and update you all because you are a family to me. Thank you for all your support. Marbles Mahoney, Founder & President.

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